Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Hump Day!

We put the fun in FundScrip!  The next deadline for ordering is November 21st (please have orders in before 10am).  There won't be a December order so now is the time to purchase your gift cards for Christmas!  Who doesn't love getting a gift card as a gift?!  The next FundScrip order will go in on January 16th, 2015.  You can set up your own account and order online and have them shipped directly to you. You can even order them in your pajamas!  Please do not hesitate to contact Sue McGiveron at The College if you have any questions.  Sue can be reached by either email,, or by phone, 436-5377.   

Not sure what FundScrip is? It's an easy and unique way to support The College.  All you have to do is purchase gift cards (for example:  Sobeys, Superstore, Esso, M&M Meats, Canadian Tire, Indigo, Marks Work Wearhouse, Payless Shoes, the Running Room, Staples, Winners, Shoppers Drug Mart and many more!) and then use those gift cards to purchase the items you would normally buy. We aren’t asking you for a donation, all we are asking you to do is use a different form of payment to make your usual purchases, which then benefits us!  It is really that simple!  Drop by the College to pick up an order form to order any of these gift cards through us!

The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada did not advance automatically to the semi-finals of the Aviva Community Fund, there is one last chance to get there.  The next and final round of voting will start on Monday and we need everyone's help! Every vote counts to get us back in to the running. We are hoping to access funds to upgrade our aging amphitheatre by having a new roof made, new walls and more comfortable cushions on the benches. By changing our existing venue through the purchase of upgraded materials and equipment, we will be able to create an environment that is safer and more modern, thus helping to enhance the experience for both our performers and visitors.  This competition is won by votes and we need each and every one of you to assist us in the voting process.  Please check this space out on Monday, November 10th for the link to start voting again. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!! 

Speaking of's just over 50 days away!  Are you ready?!  The College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts of Canada has some lovely gifts for the piper, drummer, dancer or Scottish enthusiast on your list.  We have comfortable hoodies, flannel pajama pants and sweatpants to ward off the chill on those long winter nights.  We have water bottles for those sweaty dance classes or band practices.  There are mugs destined for hot chocolate and even wellies to help you navigate through the winter slush.  For the ultimate piping enthusiast we even have pipe chanter lamps made by Mike Dupuis from Truro, Nova Scotia.  Mike is a member of the Grade 4 College of Piping Pipe Band and is quite a handy woodworker!  Check out the gift shop for all of your gift giving needs!  

Pipe Chanter Lamp Picture Frame