Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November at the College

The last couple of weeks have been tough at the College.  What never ceases to amaze me is the resilience of this place.  Not the College, itself, but the people who come here everyday.  When tragedy strikes, the College family (because everyone who comes through the College front doors is part of the College family) rallies and supports each other (no matter what discipline).  This is what makes a community.  The strength that each of us provides to each other in times of need.  When a shoulder is needed, a shoulder is given.  I am really proud to be part of the College family.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this community.

Congratulations to Trevor Profitt for earning his bagpipes!  Trevor only just started taking lessons this fall and has already graduated onto the pipes.  His hard work has certainly paid off.  Trevor is the first student to earn his pipes so quickly.  Welcome to the wonderful world of bagpipes, Trevor!  

Congratulations are also due to Kate Ross for her success at the Kate Gaddess Memorial Highland Dance Competition this past weekend.  Kate had the following results:  6th place in the Seann Triubhas and Hornpipe, 7th in the Blue Bonnet and 8th in the Village Maid.  Well done, Kate!  

Kate dancing the hornpipe

Don't forget to check out the results page for results in all our disciplines throughout the winter (http://www.collegeofpiping.com/competitionresults.php).  While browsing the results page, don't forget to check out the photo gallery page (http://www.collegeofpiping.com/photogalleries.php).  Proud parents are encouraged to send pictures into the College to be put up on the website.  Please remember that not all photos will make it onto the website due to quality and quantity (this will be left up to the discretion of our fabulous Executive Director, Karen Hatcher).     

For all those pipers who want to keep their fingers nimble during the winter months, the Halifax Citadel Regimental Association is offering winter mini meets.  The dates of these mini meets are as follows:  February 4, March 3 and March 31 (all in 2012).  These mini meets are a fantastic way to keep the dust off of the pipes during the long winter months!  Please see your piping instructor for an entry form.

As the days grow shorter and colder, hunker down and settle in to some winter practising.  It is the hard work that you put into the winter months that will make a difference later.  Steady practice makes for steady improvements.