Monday, July 18, 2011

Dog Days of Summer?!

Well, the calendar shows that it is more than half way through the summer but the weather has been anything summer like.  The dog days of summer have yet to hit Atlantic Canada.  The Summerside Highland Gathering has been the only Highland Games so far that have yet to be rained out.  The fall like weather has not brought anything to a halt at the College!  This past week the College was visited by the George Watson's College Pipe Band from Edinburgh, Scotland and the Brian Boru Band from Falmouth, Massachusetts.  Highland Storm is in its second week (have you been yet?!) and the competition season is in full swing!  Whew...

The Antigonish Highland Games were held this past weekend but the week leading up to it was the Canadian Highland Dance Championships.  The College and PEI were well represented by Kate Ross in her first appearance at these Championships.  Her results for this contest were as follows:  Highland Events:  Sword 4th, Fling 7th and Reel 8th.  National Events:  Blue Bonnets 5th and Village Maid 8th.  Check out Kate below representing Team PEI:

The College was also well represented at the Antigonish Highland Games by our Pipers, Drummers and Pipe Bands.  Check out the College's results page for results from these games (as they become available):

As mentioned before, the College was visited this week by the George Watson's College Pipe Band.  This is a group of very talented students from Edinburgh, Scotland.  They graced our stage in an outstanding concert this past Friday night.  The Grade Four College band had the privilege of joining them on stage as the two bands performed together at the end of their concert.  It was an excellent evening of piping, drumming and making new friendships.  An evening that the College will not soon forget!  Check out some highlights below:

The College was also visited by the Brian Boru Band from Falmouth, Massachusetts.  The band came for a three day workshop where they worked with our piping instructors, James and Kylie MacHattie, drumming instructor Chris Coleman and mid-section expert, Jillian Ramsay.  A great time was had by all and at the end of their three days here, the band performed at a mini concert that the College holds every day.  After the concert they band had their picture taken in front of the College:

And one more link from the Royal visit 2011.  The College of Piping was mentioned in a news story regarding the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  Click here to read all about it: 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy: Part Two

The summer weather has finally come to the island but it has been anything but the lazy days of summer at the College.  If anything it has gotten busy...very busy!  It is the midst of the Highland Games season and Highland Storm has opened and the College was very involved with the Royal visit.

The Highland Storm has been hiding from the paparazzi ever since the Royal visit.  They popped up in the media all over the place!  The cast had the honour and privilege of being asked to perform for William and Kate at Dalvay on July 4.  To say the performers were excited was an understatement!  The cast performed beautifully as the conditions were not the most ideal.  Heavy rain and wind made it tricky and slippery on the stage.  Our Highland Storm performers took it in stride as the Royal couple watched the whole opening number of this year's production.  When asked what their favourite part of the day was, it is rumoured that William and Kate said it was watching the opening number from Highland Storm!   Check out the links below for clips from the memorable visit!

Highland Storm performs for the Royal couple-  visit

ZNews - Royal Tour- PEI - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

Here are some photos from the big day:

While the cast of Highland Storm was busy in Dalvay, the College was also well represented in Summerside for when the Royal couple landed there.  Pipers from our grade four and five bands and some of our young talented dancers came out to entertain the Duke and Duchess up their arrival and the throngs of  spectators.  Check out the photos from the Summerside Royal visit:

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Phew!  What a time it has been these past few weeks at the College.  The Summerside Highland Gathering has come and gone.  Highland Storm has opened this past week and we have even been visited by royalty!  You did read that correctly.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) visited PEI!  The College was lucky enough to be invited to be among the lucky few to perform for them while they enjoyed their brief visit to the island! 

In amongst the last full weekend rehearsal for Highland Storm, the College was asked to perform for the arrival of the Duke and Duchess.  A small mini band of Grade Four members played while William and Kate disembarked from their plane on Sunday evening.  The band performed beautifully for the royalty and the worldwide media as well!  The band was in a prime position right by the stairway and even got within a foot of the future King and his bride.  The College was certainly in the worldwide spotlight that night!