Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Workshop Time At The College!!! Please Read Carefully As Some Dates Have Been Changed!

 It must be spring as it is that time of year again!  What time?  It is workshop time!  It is the final tune up before the competition season starts!  The College students have been working extremely hard over the winter and it is time for that extra critique needed before they storm the summer season.

The date for the Highland and Step Dance workshop has been set.  Please circle May 14, 2011 on your calendar.  Not only is our extremely talented Highland Dance instructor, Kearsney Smith teaching but Lacey Fischer will be an instructor as well.  The Step Dance instructors are being finalized as well as the structure.  Stay tuned for the time of this workshop.  Both the Step and Highland workshops will be run on the same day. 

May 21, 2011 this is the date for the chanter, bagpipe and drumming workshop, rescheduled from April 30, 2011!  This workshop is open to any College student who is not in a College Pipe Band.  The workshop will run from 9am until noon.       

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Spring was spotted on the island this week but not for long as a snowstorm passed through yesterday.  Much to the relief of the College staff, the projected amount of snow never amounted to anything!  The College is dreaming of warmer weather and the eagerly anticipating the return of the Highland Gathering and Cap Caval!  The summer of 2011 is promising to be a superb one of music, dance and fantastic entertainment!

This coming weekend is Easter.  A reminder to all students that there will be no Monday classes on April 25th.  Please take this time off to relax and enjoy the treats that the Easter bunny has brought you but do not forget to practice!  Monday classes will resume on Monday, May 2nd. 

Save this date!!!  May 21, 2011.  There will be a workshop for all bagpipe, chanter and drumming students who are not in either of the College pipe bands.  This workshop will be held from 9am to 12pm.  May 14th, 2011 has tentatively been set for the Highland and Step dancing workshops.  Please stay tuned for confirmation of this date but please keep it saved!

A big Happy Birthday to Ashley Brockway!!!  Today Ashley turns 21.  Ashley is a huge part of and asset to the College family and a lot of what happens at the College could not get done without her.  On behalf of everybody at the College, Happy Birthday and thank you for all your hard work!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank You and Congratulations!!!

The past couple of weeks have been bustling at the College.  As the weather becomes warmer (hopefully!), the College will continue to get busier and busier.  Before you know it, the Highland Gathering will be but a distant memory and Highland Storm will be in full swing.  Until then, some thank yous and congratulations are in order for some pretty major events that have happened recently!

The College (and especially a very proud Highland dance teacher!) would like extend a huge congratulations to all the Highland dancers that took part in the BATD Medal Testing on Saturday, April 9th.  The event was a huge success and the College Highland dancers received 17 "Highly Commended" results and 6 "Commended" which is absolutely fantastic!  All dancers who participated did the College very proud!  Well done!

The Medicine Shoppe Ceilidh took place this past Friday and it was a fantastic night of music, dance and socializing.  The students did an amazing job of entertaining a large audience of celtic enthusiasts.  Not only was there Step, Highland, Pipes and Drums but a flock of geese was spotted as well!  A huge THANK YOU to the Medicine Shoppe for generously sponsoring such an amazing event and another huge thank you to the students for providing such top class entertainment!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What time is it....

...It's ceilidh time!!!  Are you coming to the Medicine Shoppe Spring Ceilidh on April 15th?!  It promises to be an evening full of fantastic entertainment!  The talented students and instructors will be dancing, piping and drumming the night away!  The festivities start at 7pm and there will be a $5 admission charge.  Do not miss out on an opportunity to see the finest dancers and musicians that Prince Edward Island has to offer!  This event has generously been brought to you by the Medicine Shoppe.

Have you started planning your Mother's Day gift?!  The pipe bands at the College are offering a unique opportunity to blow your mother away!  Surprise her with a rose delivered by a bagpiper!  Not only does your mother get a rose but she will be serenaded as well!  The cost is $40 and it runs from 11am to 3pm.  Hurry up and book before it is too late.  Call the College of Piping at 1-877-BAGPIPE for this exciting opportunity!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't Forget...

Have you marked your calendar yet?!  April 15th better have a big circle around it!  The Medicine Shoppe Spring Ceilidh is taking place that night starting at 7pm.  Entertainment will be provided by the extremely talented students and instructors of the College of Piping and Celtic Performing Arts.  The ceilidh will take place in the main hall and there will be a $5 admission charge.  Do not miss your chance to welcome spring with music and dance!

Have you started to practice for the Highland Gathering?  The entry forms are now up on the website.  The entry forms are listed under events and Highland Gathering on the website:  http://www.collegeofpiping.com/.  Fill out your entry form and start practicing for what promises to be a spectacular event! 

A notice for all piping and drumming students.  The April 30, 2011 workshop has been postponed.  Please stay tuned to the blog for the new date.  This should be announced very soon...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Well Done!!!

Well, the competition season has started successfully for the piping students here at the College!  The third and final Halifax Citadel Mini Meet was held over the weekend.  All of the College participants should be very happy with their performances regardless if a prize was won.  It is not about the prize but about the performance that you put out.  Everyone of the competitors should hold their heads up very high as it was a fantastic weekend of piping!

The results for the weekend are as follows: 

Practice Chanter March:  3rd Place:  Sherra Rogers (in her first competition!)
Grade 5 Piobaireachd (Ground only):  2nd Place:  Jordan Chowen
Grade 4 Strathspey and Reel:  2nd Place:  Shanae Rogers, 3rd Place:  Sarrah Wood
Grade 2 Piobaireachd:  1st Place:  Sarah Simpson
Grade 2 Slow Air and Jig:  1st Place:  Sarah Simpson

For the three competitions, the placings have been given points and then tallied to determine overall winners for each grade.  The College did very well in the overall placings!  The island has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with!  The overall standings were:

Practice Chanter:  1st place overall:  Calum Brydon
Grade 5:  2nd place overall:  Jordan Chowen
Grade 4:  2nd place overall:  Catherine MacDonald, 3rd place overall:  Shanae Rogers
Grade 2:  1st place overall:  Sarah Simpson

A huge thank you to Bruce Gandy and the Halifax Citadel for putting on a first class event!  Overall winners (from first to third) were given prizes that were generously donated by McCallum Bagpipes for the event.  The maritimes are very lucky to have these contests throughout the winter to keep the fingers nimble!