Friday, March 25, 2011

Highland Storm Cast Announced!!!

Big News!  Big News!  Big News!!!  The 2011 Highland Storm Cast has been announced!  Congratulations to all that successfully made it into the show!  The final decision making process was not an easy one.  Everyone who auditioned should be very proud of their efforts!  The 2011 cast is as following:

Pipers:  Scott Byrne, Sarah Simpson, Emilee Ford, Shanae Rogers, Carsen Campbell, Nick vanOuwerkerk, James or Kylie MacHattie (spares)

Drummers:  Ashley Brockway, Caitlen Campbell, Chris Coleman, Logan Doyle, Amber Gallant, Calvin Gallant, Keisha Gallant, Sam Ramsay, Frank Bowness, John Donald MacLean

Highland Dancers:  Kearsney Smith (lead), Lacey Fischer, Laura Johnston, Hayley Porter, Jillian Ramsay, Katie Ramsay, Brooklyn Tchozewski

Step Dancers:  Samantha MacKinnon (lead), Rebecca Dawson, Cameron Francis, Page Gallant, Celia Koughan, Paige LeClair, Juliette Roberts

Please remember that ALL rehearsals are mandatory.  All selected performers will be on a rotational schedule for the summer.  If you are not scheduled to perform, you are considered the Alternate Performer for that show and must be available to perform until 2pm on that day.  Performers are expected to be available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening between July 5th and September 1st for Highland Storm performances.

Save the date!  April 15th, 2011!  7pm in the Main Hall at the College of Piping!  It is the Medicine Shoppe Spring Ceilidh!  Entertainment will be provided by the students and instructors of The College of Piping.  Admission is $5 and tickets will be available at the door.  Do not miss out on a great night of music and dance!