Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlottetown Classes

Due to weather conditions all classes in Charlottetown will be cancelled as of 6pm.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Update for the Sackville Highland Dance Competition

Just got a call from Karen MacLeod-Wilkie and according to Karen, the contest is going ahead on Sunday.  She thinks it is at the same place but is not 100% sure.  If you have any questions regarding this competition, the contact information from the ScotDance Canada website is:  Good luck to all dancers at this contest!

Dancers Planning on Attending the Sackville Highland Dance Competition, Please Read this Posting!!!

Well, the groundhog predicted an early spring but Mother Nature wants winter to linger for just a little while longer.  It really did feel like spring was just around the corner this week.  The birds were out, snow banks were shrinking and icicles were starting to melt.  Due to the impending blizzard this weekend, there seems to be a conflict between Mother Nature and the groundhog.  More snow.  Yuck.  It just means that we will appreciate spring and summer a whole lot more...right?!

The Sackville Highland Dance Competition in Sackville, New Brunswick has been postponed tomorrow (February 26) due to the impending blizzard.  The competition has been postponed until Sunday, February 27 if the organizers can confirm a venue.  Please contact the competition organizers to confirm if the competition will indeed take place on Sunday.  The contact information for the Sackville Highland Dance Competition is: (this was the contact information listed on the ScotDance Canada website for this competition).  Good luck to all College dancers who are attending this competition!  Let the College know how you did, we will then post the results on the website and the blog.  Take pictures as well as we will also post them (after having Karen and James' approval) on the website!

Congratulations to Carsen Campbell at the Canada Winter Games!  Carsen was part of the men's biathlon team that had one of its best ever showings at the games!  Carsen has been recognized by Biathlon Canada as an up-and-comer in his sport.  His piping teacher, James MacHattie, also recognizes Carsen as being and up-and-comer in his bagpiping as well!  Way to go Carsen!

A reminder for all pipers that the second Halifax Citadel mini gathering is taking place on March 12.  Placing at these events counts toward the grand aggregrate for the year.  I hope everyone has been practicing extra hard and extra smart with all your extra time due to snow days.

The College wishes everyone well this snowy weekend.  Stay safe, stay warm and keep practicing!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Thank you very much to all the Highland dancing students and parents who have been so patient while we waited for the visa process for our new dance instructor, Kearsney Smith.  It has been a long process but one that is finally over.  We can not express our gratitude enough towards such an understanding group of dancers and parents.  Thank you does not even cover it.

Kearsney finally arrives in Charlottetown on March 2 at 1:10 in the afternoon.  The College staff can not contain their excitment at this arrival date!  Kearsney will be in the dance studio that afternoon and she will be very tired after travelling half way around the world to get here!  The College is confident that students and parents alike will make Kearsney feel at home not only at the College but in Summerside as well. 

A huge THANK YOU to Karen MacLeod-Wilkie, Hayley Porter and Suzanne Wilkie for filling in for Kearsney while we waited out the visa process.  The College is indebted to them for all of their hard work and time.  Patience also has to be included because they, like all dancers, parents and the College, had no idea from week to week whether or not they would be needed anymore.  You three ladies are absolute rock stars and we would not have been able to do any of this with out you! 

Well, the temperature got above zero today...perhaps some of this snow will melt and make it not look so wintery before Kearsney gets here.  It is summer in South Africa at the moment... 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Step Dance, Highland Dance and Band Practice Cancelled

Winter storm conditions and driving conditions have resulted in the cancellation of the Step Dance and Highland Dance Classes for today.  The Grade 5 band practice is cancelled for this evening.  For all other classes - piping and drumming - James, Kylie and Chris are here at The College, but please use your judgement on whether it is safe to travel.

Monday, February 14, 2011

ALL Classes in Charlottetown and Summerside are Cancelled

Another snowy afternoon on the island.  ALL Classes in Charlottetown and Summerside are cancelled for tonight, due to the weather

Good News! Good News! Good News!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!  After months of waiting, Kearsney Smith, our new Highland Dance instructor, is coming!!!  The College received the good news this morning!  Happy Monday to all dancers and dancing parents who have waited so patiently for this great news!  She picks up her visa tomorrow and then will be booked on a reasonable flight from South Africa this week!  The College is now busy with last minute preparations for her arrival!

For those of you not yet familiar with Kearsney, here is her bio for you to get to know her better:

Kearsney Smith began dancing at the age of five and competing in Championship at the age of ten. She won her first South African Championship in 1999 at the age of eleven and then again in 2000, 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2010. She has competed in Scotland and Canada since the age of ten, placing at Cowal three times. In 2002, Kearsney was part of the South African team that went to perform at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo for Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee and was asked by the Canadian team the following year to join them; she has also performed in the Hamilton Tattoo in Ontario and the South African Tattoo. She has qualified for the Gauteng provincial team since 2000, when the Inter-Provincials were first held. Kearsney has performed in many choreography competitions and since qualifying as a member of the SOBHD in 2009, she has both taught and choreographed in her mother’s studio. This past year Kearsney has taken a professional choreography course and within the next five years she hopes to qualify as a judge. Once she has taught for five years, her goal is to get her Fellowship qualification.

YAY! YAY! YAY!  The College is confident that once Kearsney is here, everyone will make her feel right at home!  Now let us hope for no more snow!  I am sure that South Africa is a little different from Summerside at this time of year...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Highland Storm Cast 2011

A big THANK YOU to all of the dancers who came out to audition for Highland Storm last Saturday.  The cast selection has not yet been finalized.  Please check back next week. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Case You Were Wondering...


Classes are going ahead today as scheduled.  The College does not always cancel classes when schools are closed.  If you are unsure whether or not classes are cancelled, please check the blog.  If we do not post anything regarding classes, then they are a go ahead.  Thank you for your co-operation regarding this!  See you at class and I hope you have been practicing extra on your day off from school!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Storm is Coming...

And it does not have snow in the forecast!  It seems like just as soon as we dig out from one storm, we are hit with another.  Highland Storm, however, means that warmer weather is on the way.  From the way the College's calendar looks, it seems like the show (and nicer weather) is just around the corner!

Stephanie Cadman was spotted on the island over the weekend.  This sighting could only mean one thing...Highland Storm Auditions!!!  The College was just hopping this weekend as Step and Highland Auditions were held for our summer production.  A lot of very nervous looking people were seen waiting for their auditions.  Word on the street is that the quality of the auditions was very high and that final decisions are going to be very tough.  Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled to the blog to see who made it into Highland Storm 2011!

Another nervous student awaited her own "audition" last Friday.  Sarah MacDonnell successfully passed her four tune requirement to earn her bagpipes at her lesson!  Sarah is the second of the first year students to earn her bagpipes.  A big congratulations to her for all her hardwork!  Now the fun really begins!

Keep your eyes glued to the blog for more exciting news about Highland Storm, our new Highland dance instructor, Kearsney Smith and hopefully no more weather related cancellations!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dancing Snow Day!

Due to a very cranky Mother Nature, all Highland and Step dancing classes have been cancelled today.  Step dancing classes have also been cancelled for Cornwall.  Piping and Drumming will continue on their normal schedule.  If you are hesitant about driving in the snow, please use your own discretion when deciding to attend your piping or drumming class.  If you are at all uncomfortable about being out on the roads, please stay at home!  Please phone or email Jane Dunn or your instructor directly to let us know that you will not be attending classes today.  See you at your classes next Wednesday!  Stay safe, warm and dry!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

The first of the month is always a time for reflection.  Looking forward to the new and looking back at the old.  Planning and plotting our next moves and examining what we have done.  February, while it is the shortest month, always seems to be longest.  Looking at the College calendar it seems that February will just flash by and soon we will be reflecting on it while looking forward to the month of March. 

Mother Nature seems a bit cranky this winter and yet another winter storm is threatening.  Please check this space tomorrow to see if classes are cancelled.  Remember, just because the schools have closed, that does not mean that the College is closed as well!  This is not only for storm days but any time that the schools are closed it does not mean that we are!

The first piping contest of the year was held at the Halifax Citadel on January 29.  The College had seven players make the trek to compete.  In his very first piping contest ever, Calum Brydon won the chanter class.  Second in the chanter class was Ryan Simpson.  In Grade 4, Catherine MacDonald was second and Sarah Wood third.  In Grade 3, Carson Campbell placed second.  A very big congratulations to all that competed.  January is not always the easiest month to compete in after taking time off for the Christmas holidays.  Each player should be very proud of their ability to stand up in front of not only the judge but a crowd of spectators as well.  A big thank you to the Halifax Citadel for organizing such a great event.  Piping is alive in well in the Maritimes!

Dancers, have you filled out your 2011 Dancer Registration Forms yet?!  If you wish to compete, these must be filled out!  Karen MacLeod-Wilkie's signature is required for the photos and the forms.  The registration forms can be downloaded at  Do not forget the application deadline of February 9 for the Sackville Highland Dancing Competition on February 26! 

There has been some confusion about the On The Day:  The Story of the Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band showings.  Despite rumours to the contrary, there are two showings at the Empire Theatre in Charlottetown.  The first one takes place on February 9 at 7pm and the second is on February 13 at 4pm.  The Spirit of Scotland Pipe Band was assembled in 2008 from available top-level pipers and drummers.  Led by Pipe Major Roddy MacLeod and Leading Drummer John Fisher, the pipe section included 11 Highland Society of London Gold Medalists. 

Hopefully we will not need to get out the snow shovels tonight but if we do, please watch this space to see if classes are cancelled.  With all this snow, maybe the College should build some igloo practice rooms!